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Currently not running any group classes while I finish my Social Work degree.  I will look at teaching groups again in mid 2023.

I am available for private classes or yoga therapy sessions.  Please contact me if you would like to know more. 


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Yoga Therapy 

Yoga therapy is ideal for those people who have a condition or health concern that makes it difficult to attend group classes.


Yoga Therapy consists of an initial consultation where we discuss what you would like to achieve.  You will leave with a short home practice that is designed especially for your individual needs.  The practice can be 5 mins to 30 mins long, depending on how much time you have, and you will need to commit to a daily practice for 3-4 weeks to see any results.  We may need to adjust your practice along the way depending on how you progress.

I have a particular interest and experience in the area of mental health.  Please contact me to have a discussion about how I can help you.

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Private Yoga Classes


A private class for one hour in the southern suburbs of Sydney or the Shoalhaven area.


These classes can be for one person, a couple, a family or a small group (no more than 6).  I will design the class that is most beneficial for you and you will learn the physical yoga postures, specific breathing techniques and how to observe what your body needs, so when you’re ready you can practice confidently by yourself.

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Corporate Yoga

I have worked in many corporate companies over the last 20 years and I understand the corporate culture. 


I have taught yoga at Telstra Corporation, BT Investment Management, Black Dog Institute and Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network. 


I offer classes in the Sydney and Shoalhaven areas.  Please call me on 0400 954 560 to chat more about teaching yoga in your business.



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