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Hello out there,


I’m Karina.  I started practicing yoga 23 years ago and today I am a qualified yoga teacher and certified yoga therapist.  All those years ago I started attending weekly yoga classes, and after a few months I noticed positive changes in my emotions, quality of sleep and the way my body was healing small aches and pains.  I knew I was onto something good and I’ve continued to learn and practice ever since. 


In 2003 I completed a degree in Psychology along with anatomy and physiology studies for two years. 

In 2005 I completed a 200 hr yoga teaching diploma in traditional Hatha with Acharya Upendra Roy in Sydney who helped shift my spiritual path to deeper levels.  I’ve been teaching since 2005 and in 2019 I completed a 750 hr Yoga Therapy training with Yoga Therapy Institute in Sydney.

I am currently studying a Masters of Social Work.

Clearly I am the forever student.  I love learning!


I like teaching a yoga style that is what your body and mind needs, therefore private classes or small classes are my thing.  I can offer you more attention that way, and it’s what I do best.  Along with the studies I mentioned above I have travelled extensively through India and Thailand studying various styles of yoga, and myself, because actually that’s what yoga is:  a process of self discovery through physical postures, breathing techniques and observation of yourself and your lifestyle.


I teach a Hatha style of yoga which builds strength slowly and steadily in body and mind, and assists in removing physical and emotional obstacles.  I offer mindful classes that include yoga postures, breathing techniques (pranayama), mudra and visualisation to help maintain or improve your health.  A path of yoga can also achieve a personal transformation.  If that’s what you want :)

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